The Oppia Foundation Team

Oppia is powered by volunteers from across the globe.

Oppia's open source community consists of learners, educators, and technologists from all walks of life. Our contributors include people who have worked for leading companies like Google, Quora, and Codecademy, and have attended renowned institutions like Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Cambridge. Though our community is incredibly diverse, all of our contributors share the same commitment to improving the quality of education around the world.

Sean Lip

Executive Director

As Oppia's founder, Sean is inspired by its potential to contribute to a world where every learner has access to effective and engaging educational materials. Sean holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge and is currently a senior software engineer and tech lead at Google, where he has gained extensive experience leading several projects.

Mark Halpin

Design Lead

Mark's experience as both a professor and a stage/theme park designer has given him the perspective to see that an effective learning experience needs to have not just great content but also an engaging delivery. He is excited about making Oppia's lessons and user experience feel friendly, warm, and inviting, and to help make learning fun for people around the world.

Ben Henning

Tech Lead

As an engineer and game developer, Ben views education as a powerful tool to help people "level up" in their lives and recognize that they're capable of more than they otherwise would have thought. As a tech lead, Ben brings to the Oppia team a decade of development experience (including two years in his current role as a software engineer at Google).

Tony Jiang

Tech Lead

Tony is inspired by the power of technology to improve education. Before serving as a tech lead, Tony was also in charge of a major learner experience improvement initiative. He currently attends Johns Hopkins University, where he studies computer science and works as an Android developer at the Center for Educational Resources.

Rachel Chen

User Research Lead

Rachel is passionate about ensuring that Oppia is user-friendly and accessible to learners around the globe. She has worked as a UX researcher at the UCSD Design Lab and served as a research assistant at the UCSD Perception & Cognition Lab. She is currently pursuing a master's in human-computer interaction at Georgia Tech.

Jared Silver

Strategic Partnerships Lead

Jared's mission in life is to help foster a human capital revolution through education technology. He's inspired by Oppia's potential to empower millions of learners around the world. Jared has worked with a variety of education technology companies and nonprofits, including, EdSurge, and Codecademy.

Jacob Davis

Board Member

Jacob is passionate about solving problems through logic and mathematics, and he's excited to share that passion with learners in developing regions around the world. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as both a bachelor's and a master's in mathematics from University of Cambridge. Jacob currently serves as a software engineer at Google.

Amit Deutsch

Board Member

After receiving a master's in learning, design, and technology from Stanford, Amit is inspired by the power of Oppia's technology to meet the specific needs of each individual learner. They currently do science education outreach on Google's Making & Science Team. Amit has a degree in psychology from Berkeley, as well as extensive experience tutoring and teaching learners in classes and camps.

Oppia Otter


The Oppia Otter is's mascot. Created by Design Lead Mark Halpin, the Oppia Otter embodies the playful and inquisitive atmosphere of, as well as the warm and inviting atmosphere of the Oppia community.


Generous Contributor

Oppia is a community project, and we wouldn't be able to help so many learners without the support of our many generous contributors. These educators, technologists, and philanthropists have a massive impact on our ability to reach more learners, and we think you could make a significant difference too. Click here to see how you can help.